new to Css?

The fundamentals of CSS:

CSS Fundamentals will get you started with the basics on Styling in the web.

Style an Application from Start to Finish will take you from styling a project from start to finish and hit many of the aspects and problems there are with CSS. Flexbox Fundamentals will do a deep dive on sizing and positioning elements vertically and horizontally.

CSS Selectors in Depth is a must watch course giving you the tools to target exactly the elements you want in the dom. 

Build Complex Layouts with CSS Grid Layout will introduce you to a relatively new feature of CSS in today's browsers that gives you fine grain control of the overall layout of the structure of your application.

Optimize User Experience for Mobile Devices and Browsers is a quick course giving you tips on making your app look great on mobile.

Intermediate to Advanced:

Learn Advanced CSS Layout Techniques goes into more advanced topics with dynamically sized elements, Responsive layout, and psuedo-classes.

CSS Frameworks:
Build User Interfaces by Composing CSS Utility Classes with Tailwind
is an introduction to highly composable utility classes that leave the design specification entirely up to the user to maintain that custom look and feel to your app.
Convert SCSS (Sass) to CSS-in-JS shows you the benefits of writing CSS with JavaScript.
Maintainable CSS using TypeStyle shows you how to style your application within the safety net that is typescript.

Understand How to Style Angular Components styles an angular app.

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