Learning AngularJS

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Which of the following best describes you?

"I'm still exploring. I'm not sure if I'm settled on using Angular 2 yet."
-> We've put together a quick, 6-minute Introduction to Angular 2 so you can get a feel for what it's capable of

"I'm evaluating if Angular 2 is right for my project"
-> There are a lot of choices for front-end development. Making informed decisions is important! This 45-minute introduction to the fundamentals of Angular 2 should help (it's free!)

"I'm ready to dig into specific Angular 2 framework features"
-> Awesome! We've got courses that cover forms, dependency injection, component development, and the router.

"I already have an Angular 2 application in development, but I need help organizing my codebase."
-> You're going to want to check out John Lindquist's egghead.io course on building an app Redux style with ngrx/store [requires a premium membership]

"RxJS is really hard..."
-> This is true! It's not just you. Trust us. It is  hard. It's also essential to get the most out of Angular 2. We've got you covered with comprehensive RxJS courses!